Wednesday, September 16, 2009

VoilĂ .....!

          This is categorically my first post in this blog. The first question any reader of this blog would ask is :

Why is the writer writing this blog?
a. Because he is bored. And writing a blog is the only thing which will give this poor soul a means of adding some spice to his melancholy life.
b. Because there is a  volcano about to erupt in his inherently complex mind and it is looking  for an exhaust to take out the fumes.

Is the writer of this blog so desperately bored that he would take time to pick his bum (which weighs quite much, I can tell you that!) up and then rest it on a chair in front of his comp and let his fingertips keep up with the tremendous overflow of deranged thoughts? The answer is a big YES!!!! As you continue to read  the forthcoming posts, you would understand that I'm desperate in a lot of things at the moment.

Hope you all would enjoy this blog as much as I did in writing it.

Peace Out.